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The Clinic

Self-Indulgent Luxury Medi Spa is a Medical Spa that is focused on using holistic alternatives and result driven treatments to balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the mothers and clients we serve, while still enhancing their natural beauty. Self-Indulgent is a Medical spa that provides affordable luxury services that lead to healthier lifestyles, Targeting those who have neglected themselves due to caring for others or who are mentally and emotionally exhausted from their role in their loved ones lives.


We at Self Indulgent feel that pampering our clients leads to a deeper love for self, which in turn will be reflected in the client’s health and well-being, the way they care for others that depend on them, and of the greater society. We plan to address the special health concerns of our clients through services such as, meditation and affirmations, vaginal steaming, IV hydration, Skincare treatments, ultrasound body cavitation, weight management, health and wellness coaching, and a variety of other services that will be offered to meet our client’s health needs and goals.


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Our Philosophy

In all the services we provide our goal is to cater to your wholeness.

Balancing your mind, body, and soul on a deeper level to help you release stress and maintain internal peace is our responsibility.

We aim to create a serene and peaceful environment in which relaxation is key.


Our Mission 


The mission of our company is to provide excellent and quality state-of-the-art services, in a healing and serene space. The goal is to enhance the lives of our clients to renew balance in their mind, body, and soul, with the focus being on improving self-care through the use of both conventional and holistic alternative medicine


Our Vision 


Our vision is to be the expert professionals in the Wellness Industry for quality preventive care that creates individualized care plans for each client that focuses on meeting their specific wellness and self-care needs. Our promise is to always provide client centered care that focuses on pampering and catering to our clients in the most self-indulgent ways. We aim to please our clients in every aspect of their experience each and every time they grace us with their presence.


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